The Art of Security

2 months ago

Featured Visually Explained topics: Penetration Test (Interactive), Startup Metrics, XSS (Interactive), DDoS.
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Jack Leonard – @Jackleonardme on Twitter

This infographic distills the Art of Security. Dissimilar from the Art of War in the information security world we will never know our enemy and our battle is not one that can be won. So how can we ensure that we don’t lose that battle?

We’ve previously worked on infographics covering almost every esoteric security concept you could think of, but we’ve never addressed security itself. Security is esoteric, and this is intended to debunk some of the smoke and mirrors.
TL;DR take me to the infographic.

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Anatomy of a Penetration Test, Visually Explained.

3 months ago

Penetration Test / Ethical HackinG infographic by BarricadeThis interactive infographic visually explains the anatomy of a penetration test.

The best way for you to know you’ll be prepared for a hack when it happens, is to be hacked. A penetration test is one of the most effective methods of testing your security, but should be considered a validation tool – never a discovery tool. In our previous Anatomy of a web app attack infographic, we looked at a site hack from a hacker’s and defender’s perspective. In this infographic we’ll describe the process of a penetration test from the offensive perspective and detail how you can harness it to further the security of your organisation.

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Day to Day on Lessons of Raising Capital (Part One)

3 months ago

Raising Capital Part 1Raising capital is a big topic when for any business, especially in these times of financial turmoil and uncertainty. When discussing fundraising stories with other entrepreneurs, the conversation often quickly diverges into war-stories and bad experiences people have had.

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of speaking about failures at an event in the Facebook HQ in Dublin (Founders Series) where I had the chance to meet John Joyce, CTO of Y-Volution.

He had an interesting story about startup struggles and successes and I wanted him to tell the story on our blog as part of our Day to Day series.

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